Rivas Robotics

Industrial Automation Solutions

Specialists in design and construction of automation and industrial robotics projects. Key in hand solutions for multiple sectors.

Countries with presence
Years of experience
Successful Projects
Optimization of processes

All our objectives are always focused on optimizing industrial processes

Investment Optimization

We adjust our automation projects based on the return on investment

Custom Information

Stay informed through our monitoring platform ‘Check my Project‘, where you will find weekly update and the status of your project

Improvement of production

With automation we achieve significant increases in production, optimizing downtime and product changes

Solutions in Artificial Vision

We incorporate systems of detection and verification to our projects by means of equipment of Artificial Vision

Offer leadership advantages to our customers

By increasing the performance of industrial processes, reducing costs and accelerating times, we were able to increase competitiveness

Rivas Robotics makes all the technology and R & D + I available to the company

Rivas Robotics offers Robotics and Automation solutions related to: 

  •   Loading and unloading systems
  •   Product Manipulation
  •   Palletizing Systems
  •   Automated welding systems
  •   Transfers, Returns and Rolling Paths
  •   Robotic systems specific to any application


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If you have any questions or need advice on the robotization of your project do not hesitate to contact Rivas Robotics.
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